Creative Success Accelerator

For Successful Creatives Who Want More

A Program to help you... Clarify Your Next Goal, Release What’s Holding You Back, and Accelerate Your Success

Creative Success Accelerator

For Successful Creatives Who Want More

A Program to help you...

Clarify Your Next Goal, Release What’s Holding You Back, and Accelerate Your Success

Are you on the verge of something big and ready to breakthrough to your next level

(and stay there)?

Yes! You are. But the world around you doesn’t feel like it fits anymore. There’s nothing wrong with the people and places in your circle. You’ve just outgrown your surroundings. (It’s like you’re still wearing those old jeans from 5 seasons ago, but you know there’s a better pair that will make you look and feel amazing!)

At the same time you’re stuck and just don't know what the next steps are. You're constantly asking "HOW am I going to do this?" and that just brings you right back to square one. You so badly want to leave old ways of being behind because you know they’re not serving you, but you always seem to go back to the same old song.

Before you scroll a second further, let me tell you this: you’ve found your home and you’ve found your community (and you probably want to create your new theme song right now)!

Hi, I’m Michelle!

I’ve always been a creative soul, and as an adult I pursued a career in professional dance, choreography, and teaching. My success allowed me to live in New York, travel, and work around the world.

I started helping clients with 1:1 energy work in 2008, and realized I have a deep love and passion for helping people reach their greatest potential.

I’m here to help you find your own path to freedom and live in your fullest expression.

So many amazing creative souls like you want a lot out of life, but you’re stuck. You’ve likely adopted unhelpful ways of thinking (like “successful people are selfish” or “money is bad”), or you resist taking on certain labels, like “ambitious” or “entrepreneur” or even “successful,” because of the negative ideas you associate with those labels.

It’s my job to help you uncover these blocks and blindspots and create new behaviors so you can break through what’s holding you back and get to the other side!


Creative Success Accelerator

The premiere ongoing community for driven creatives that aligns your mind, body, and spirit, fuels your transformation, and gets you to your vision… faster.

It’s time to say HELLO to a new paradigm of living life to the fullest as a creative and successful being.

Today is the day you say goodbye to the old mindsets, paradigms, and programming that have been keeping you where you’re at.

It’s time to tap into your highest potential so you can create the life you desire. When you’re fully aligned with your vision–mind, body, and spirit–you’ll have more energy, clarity, and understanding to catapult you to where you want to go.

End Result: You Reach Your Dreams Faster, and You Maintain and Even GROW Your Success with Ease.

I really believe Michelle came into my life at the perfect time. I was stagnant, miserable, and injured, and since starting our work have healed (in more ways than one), escaped my dead end job, moved to my favorite place, and started my dream business. I had a lot of resilience and tools and resources available to me through Creative Success Accelerator. Plus working with Michelle gave me the confidence to nearly double my rates, and I’m on track to 3x my annual income.

Hannah Rae, CEO of Clarity Pilates

I feel an expansiveness in my chest, a lack of anxiety that is such a relief and a sense of momentum and purpose that feels authentic rather than forced. I feel like I have been replacing the need to prove myself, prove my worthiness, with a pure curiosity and intuitive understanding of self worth. I feel connected to the source. Such a delicious feeling! Much less reactive.

Lucie - Seattle, WA

Thank you so much for the experience of Creative Success Accelerator. I see this work as a practice, with tuning and check ups along the way, and feel for certain the growth is never done! I continue to be so grateful to have these tools to show up for myself and my vision. My work. My healing. My desires for my day. All of it!

Stormy - Montpellier, France
In Creative Success Accelerator we speed up the time it takes to reach your dreams using a Mind, Body, and Spirit approach. It’s crucial to work at all 3 levels to create lasting change and breakthroughs.

As a member, here are the results you can expect:


  • Clarify your vision, dreams, and purpose in life. Discover and define your next step. No more doubting or wondering if you’re on the right track!

  • Boost your self-love and confidence. Move forward towards your next level, even if it feels like a stretch, because you have a deep inner knowing that you got this and you're worth it.


  • Calm your nervous system. Learn how to process and clear out emotions and lingering, old stories in your body so they no longer hold you back.

  • Discover how to energize your body naturally. Reach your goals and have an overflow of energy to serve and inspire others along the way by doing the work you’re here to do.


  • Strengthen your intuition. Make the right decisions quickly so you no longer have to stay stuck in procrastination or overthinking.

  • Connect with the community.  Surround yourself within a tribe of other creatives who are up to big things so you can learn from their journeys and share your own.
Create Lasting Shifts In Your Mind, Body, and Spirit to Support The Best Expression of You.

Here’s What You Get

Monthly Client Check-in Form

Each month, you share your goals and progress with Michelle via your Intake Form so she can incorporate your needs into the upcoming group training content. ($100 Value)

Monthly 90-min Live Core Session

An interactive live video session where Michelle guides you through meditation, her “Moving with Innate Wisdom” movement practice, and transformative group healing work. ($1500 Value)

Monthly Q&A Call

Join Michelle and the rest of the community to get your top questions answered. You’ll have an opportunity to submit questions prior to the call whether you can be on live or not. ($1000 Value)

Optional Hot Seat Opportunity

Michelle will coach a few members in front of the group during every monthly Core Session. When you join, you can apply for this opportunity. ($800 Value)

Additional Practices

Two more chances to work Live with Michelle each month in

Movement and Meditation Sessions. These recordings also live

on the Course Page so you have a library of sessions to use

at any time you want, as often as you want! ($500 Value)

Two more chances to work Live with Michelle each month in Movement and Meditation Sessions. These recordings also live on the Course Page so you have a library of sessions to use at any time you want, as often as you want! ($500 Value)

I am actually DOING the work I want to be doing. I have more private students than I had a few months ago, which only shows that I wasn't putting in the work before. I was blocking my own expression in some subconscious way. I feel more resourceful.

Kate Martel - Amherst, MA

I wish to express my deep gratitude for being my companion during these past months. The program has been like a supporting net that I have been able to lean on and bounce off from. I am very grateful for the knowledge, insight and wisdom.

Amalia - Stockholm, Sweden

Listening to your strengthening and encouraging words has pushed me more and more towards myself. It has really supported me and made me feel more secure! My DREAM is now calling and I’m responding. I'm soooo grateful for my time in Creative Success Accelerator!

Angie - Artist - Gothenberg, Sweden
I almost forgot to mention your BONUSES. When you join now, you also get:
  • 30 DAYS OF ON-DEMAND RECORDING ACCESS: Never miss a session. Tune into the recording anytime within the next month if you can’t be on live or you want to listen again! ($500 Value)
  • LIVE SPECIAL TRAINING: 2x a year Michelle hosts in-depth special training sessions on specific bonus topics based on the group’s needs. Previous topics included growing a business you love, Q&A Power Hours, or specialized movement classes. ($500 Value)
  • PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP: Stay in touch, share your wins (you’ll start having them often!) and ask questions between live calls in our exclusive Facebook Group. ($250 Value)
  • RESOURCE LIBRARY: Access past Q&As and Movement and Meditation trainings to support you in your journey, available for viewing at any time in the Creative Success Accelerator portal. ($200 Value)
  • COMMUNITY CONNECTION: Michelle makes sure there’s time to connect “off-camera” after every Movement and Meditation Session. Some of the best teachings happen in these intimate moments. (Priceless)
The Total Value of Creative Success Accelerator… $5,350.

Two nights ago, I started watching one of our recorded sessions. It was uncomfortable, I hated how I sounded, looked, the way I was attempting to express. And you were there, solid and supportive, deeply compassionate for all forms and expressions of life. While observing/listening, these words came from me and about me (the her I was looking at): "Have compassion for her." Something softened, and the self-criticism fell away. Compassion -- coupled with coaching, an extremely powerful investment.

Lisa Olivia - Montreal, Canada

Michelle skillfully crafted a space and a connection that calmed my mind. My body and feelings were able to flow. I felt safe and let out a deep, necessary cry. I came out the other side feeling grounded and resilient.

Rachel Sigrid Freeburg

My work with Michelle in Creative Success Accelerator has been a HUGE in helping me launch a dream project that has 94x my monthly income! It’s hard to imagine many of the recent changes I’ve made in my life without the powerful push that working with Michelle has given.

Ian Pecoraro - Chef and Founder or Cellar Door Cooking

After you spoke about discerning if a goal is right and how to strategically arrive, I’ve committed myself fully to a process that I’ve been dreaming of for quite some time. Your approach and the space you have created in Creative Success Accelerator is truly incredible. Thank you for creating such a solid container to inquire deeply and express truthfully. I can’t wait to be together again next month!

Billie Rose Secular - Santa Fe, NM

You could keep wasting countless years stuck in the same cycles, old mindsets, or unhelpful paradigms.

You could hire Michelle for a private VIP day for $12,000.


 You could join Michelle in Creative Success Accelerator for a very special rate TODAY!


Start Today with 1 Low Installment!
  • Client Intake Form
  • Monthly 90-Min Live Video Session
  • Hot Seat Opportunity
  • Monthly Q&A Call
  • Movement and Meditation Sessions
  • Audio and Video Recordings
  • Community Connection
  • ​Private Facebook Group
  • Client Intake Form
  • Monthly 90-Min Live Video Session
  • Hot Seat Opportunity
  • Monthly Q&A Call
  • Movement and Meditation Sessions
  • Audio and Video Recordings
  • Community Connection
  • ​Private Facebook Group


/ month

Cancel at any time.

Before working with Michelle, I had a serious case of low self-worth and never felt confident in myself. Creative Success Accelerator changed my mind, body and spirit. The meditation was key to self-love, seeing myself, and changing things I don’t like for the better. Moving has changed my life altogether. I take action and prioritize so much better. Now I’m living, not existing, and feeling so good about myself, after incorporating Michelle's techniques into my life. I promise you if you are in a place you don’t like mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally, consider giving yourself love, try and see what happens. I found out I am worth it! How about you?

Debbi Ann Soso - Brooklyn, NY

Creative Success Accelerator has shifted internal dynamics that were preventing me from doing stuff I wanted to try. Before the course I was too afraid to start a music workshop with colleagues and promote my work as an artist to increase our income, and now I've already launched it, am totally committed, and am having a lot of fun learning about entrepreneurship and finances. I feel like a responsible adult, and it's not as scary as I thought it would be with what you have shared with us over these few weeks. If only I could tell you all the things I feel this course has contributed to my life/relationship and community since day one, and especially after moving out from another country during pandemic/lockdown!! I'm totally committed to doing Creative Success Accelerator and more in the future cause I know your work REALLY WORKS.

Melanie Cascante - Artist - Quito, Ecuador

It’s so amazing to see how much things have changed since January! I won a competition for an art project, which is higher than my usual yearly income. I was offered another €15,000 project which I rejected because it didn’t fit my ideals. I’m proud of sticking to my dreams. I changed my relationship with my mother and can fully concentrate on my work. My home is now relaxing. And I’m in a new love relationship! The rocket you sent me saying GO GO GO really started! Unbelievable! Thank you so much for your support.

Christiane L. - Artist - Flensburg, Germany

No Questions Asked Guarantee

Michelle is so confident you’ll LOVE Creative Success Accelerator, she’s offering you the opportunity to try it out for 7 days. Join Creative Success Accelerator, check out the materials, and if you decide it’s not for you you can request a full refund within 7 days of joining. After 7 days, ALL SALES ARE FINAL.


1. Will Creative Success Accelerator really make a difference for me?

I know if you’ve made it this far, you have a big dream for yourself, and in spite of your best efforts you can’t seem to make significant progress towards it. This is your chance to decide this is your year and put your old ways of being behind! Join now. You have 7 days to see if it’s a great fit and nothing to lose.

2. I would rather work with you 1:1. I’m going to wait until I can afford one of your private offers.

Many of my most successful clients actually started out in Creative Success Accelerator (CSA), eventually moved on to work more deeply with me in other group courses, retreats, or private coaching, and they come back to CSA for maintenance and study! CSA lays the foundation for the deeper work that I do and allows you to get started NOW. I can't guarantee this is going to solve every problem in your life, but you can start here to learn principles, heal unintegrated parts of yourself, and start taking action. Why wait??

3. When are the sessions? What if I can’t make the sessions?

When you join, you’ll get instructions and a call schedule within 24 hours. If you can’t make a session, don’t worry! I always read your monthly Intake Form, and you’ll have an opportunity to submit your questions prior to the Q&A meeting so you can still get support. AND you get access to the recordings as a bonus. We usually do 1 session per week.

4. I don’t want to come off as too ambitious or money hungry but I’m still stuck - help!

With love, you’re stuck in an old paradigm my friend. I bet you want a life travel, meaning, impact, and freedom, while you help and serve others. Those things are great! And having ambition isn’t bad. You need resources, time, and finances, to make your dream a reality, and it’s time to discover the truth of abundance in your life.

5. When is the best time of the month to join?

The best time to join is today! People join any day of the month, even if we’ve already done the Core Session that month. We meet almost every week, so you’re bound to catch a live session soon after joining. And until then, you have dozens of Q&A, meditation, and movement videos to watch!

I’ve developed this coaching + healing work over the last 25 years as a way to support your mind, body, and spirit.

It’s time to uplevel on your path of discovery, transformation, success, creative expression, and love.

Let’s work together to get you to your dreams faster. Are you ready to let your life change? Let’s do it!


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