Yes, you CAN live in the new prosperity paradigm that embraces abundance for all.

To do that, we need to explore some and find your truth.

What is YOUR prosperity?  What does it look like for you to make the money you desire without any sacrifice of self, your creative soul, your integrity or joy?

What needs to heal to allow this prosperity in?

It’s your money story.

Your money story can be generational, worth-based, or tied up in your identity (you know… that you’re incapable, not quite good enough, doing ‘it’ wrong, or maybe even an imposter!) You may have pain or difficulty surrounding the experience of money in your life.

You may even have split energy between what you believe about money and being spiritual. Do the two go together? YES! What if being prosperous (on your terms) is the highest expression of spiritual alignment?

Spiritual prosperity is something you experience when you are aligned with YOUR prosperity. Money is a piece of this experience.

To find your prosperity alignment, you have to first heal your money story, so the rest can unfold and the HOW can show up.

My simple decision to make more money and heal my own story led to a lot of change, but I needed to get real honest first.

Look, I know your life is not all about the money.  If that’s all you pursued, you’d be miserable.  (Been there!) Going back to defining what prosperity is for you is where we begin.

I’m creating a deeply powerful energy healing container to help you embody and experience a new level of abundance throughout your entire being.

This shift is not superficial or short-lived, but an embodied and energetic transformation.

In fact, you’re returning to the wisdom that has always been in your  body - that which supports a deeply organized and radiant life that has been in existence for ages.

This is what we’ll be doing during the 6-hour Heal Your Money Story Virtual Retreat. 

“I've truly become more grounded in my trust in the universe.... I have deeper awareness around the opportunities within the challenge that present themselves. I am showing up in networking circles and making prosperous connections. My relationship with money is healing and I’ve started budgeting in a whole new way. I also have less resistance in my romantic relationship as I become more trusting and confident within myself. I witness the universe moving in my favor every time I search for affirmation.”

Monica Lebsock,

Owner - HeartSpace Revolution

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The Heal Your Money Story Virtual Retreat is for you if…

  • You know (or are curious) about the spiritual path to true prosperity

  • You want to heal generational stories or pain / difficulty around money

  • You want to participate in a new prosperity paradigm that embraces abundance for all

  • You want to drop everyone else’s expectations for you around money

  • You want to be able to start generating the income you truly desire

  • You know your gifts are meant to be shared with more impact

  • You want to start living into your true, brilliant expression

  • You want your creative soul to be nurtured and not crushed by making more money

This is especially for you if…

Your business isn’t bringing in the income you want

You’re not making the money you want in your job

You feel bad or scared when you look at your bank account

You feel frustrated and limited by what you don’t think you can afford

If you’re not doing what feeds your prosperous spirit like traveling, purchasing something you want, taking time off, connecting with your loved ones, or nurturing your creative soul and brilliance, this retreat is what you need.

You should know this is not just mindset training. This is powerful energy healing, so your spiritual prosperity can unfold. This is about finding your truth and the confidence to live your life through it.

To do that we need to reach into the knowledge (or order) in your body.

We do this through movement, new information, and energy healing. 

How prosperity is expressed in your life can be enhanced by tapping into this inherent order, this innate knowing that is already available to you.

If prosperity is not being expressed in your life, tapping into this order will unlock it.

New information makes MORE possible. We’ll work with one Universal Law… (I work with all of them in my coaching, and here you’ll get a deep dive into one) to find the inherent order that makes so much more possible, so you can drop the money stories that aren’t serving you.

In the Heal Your Money Story workshop, we’re going to explore…

  • Healing on a cellular and embodied level (tapping into your timeless knowing)

  • Examination of your now (how are you making money now?  How does this want to change?)

  • Being radically honest with yourself to find your prosperity truth (How do you feel about having money?)

  • Group processing (connecting with others for a more powerful transformation)

  • Strengthening your intuition (and Innate Wisdom)

  • Stepping away from routine to restore inherent order (and knowledge that has always been deep in your cells)

  • Shifting your mindset (and your embodied, experiential relationship to money)

  • Implementing self trust (and new habits)

How the virtual retreat works:

The retreat is on Friday and Saturday, May 19-20 from 1-4 pm EST.

Each day, we’ll connect and study together, move, heal, ask questions, and create clarity on what steps are next.

The Teaching

For each session, I’ll start with a powerful teaching of a Universal Law.


I’ll guide you through prompts and questions to reach a new level of awareness.


We’ll go through my Healing with Innate Wisdom Moving practice

Energy Healing

I’ll assist you through the Hot Seat and group Energy Healing and Balancing.


I’ll open up for questions to make sure you're taking the best steps to now really change your story

Grab the discounted rate of $111 until 10pm EST tonight!

(Hurry - this is your last chance to get the discount)

“I wanted to start to heal from an old 'stuckness' that I experienced in relation to money.  Last but not least, I wanted to create loving boundaries around my work and loving boundaries with others. Lots of wins & expansion! I've reached out to many different people and got many new opportunities all at once. For the first time in my life, I've truly, truly felt excited about the possibilities that life may offer for me. At times, I also felt like I became a sort of 'center' and a connector between many different people.”

 L.N., Composer / Sound Artist

Listen, I know you’ve probably tried to fit yourself into a way of living and working (to earn money) that other people expect of you.  

Deep in your soul, it doesn’t feel right. It might even feel painful or draining. That’s because you’re out of alignment with YOUR prosperity.

You can reach alignment by tapping into the inherent order that already exists in YOUR cells - it’s your map to the life you’re meant to experience and the creative brilliance you’re meant to share.

Trudging through an ordinary life or trying to make someone else’s idea of a ‘living’ work for you is simply living someone else’s reality instead of your own.

Healing your money story is a process that serves as a catalyst for your prosperity. I’d like to help you initiate this healing.


Imagine living through your creative expression every single day.  

Imagine doing all the things that inspire your creative expression (traveling, being in nature more, moving more, spending the day with those you care about, laughing, having fun!)

And never having to worry about the money.

Attend the restorative

Heal your money story

Virtual Retreat

May 19 & 20, 2023 | 1:00PM - 4:00PM EST

Start the healing process, so you can make more money without crushing your creative soul.

You can live in your purpose AND prosper as the Brilliant Creative you are.

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"The hot seat... Unreal.  The shift that occurred was so simple, easy, fast.  This conflict that no amount of personal work was able to shift, BAM. I like the teaching videos in bite sized chunks.  I can feel like I am making progress and not be overwhelmed with content.  Michelle's transparency, humor, and heart in the group is extraordinary and refreshing.  SO grateful.  The folks in the group are wonderful too.  I also love the addition of the Human Design element!  This is helping me say a bigger yes to the private coaching.  Thank you."

Barb Lucas,

Founder - Open-Ended Expressive Arts Studio, IFS Therapist, Artist

Grab the discounted rate of $111 until 10pm EST tonight!

(Hurry - this is your last chance to get the discount)

"The world Michelle creates for us is so resourced and abundant, and the fact that we can always re-enter and access the world through video is huge! Repeating this material is necessary. I don't think I would be where I am without being able to play the videos over and over and over. The group container is incredible - you learn so much from listening, witnessing, and holding space for others and then on the other end feeling the support. You really get out what you put in, so carving out the time for our calls and showing up fully was vital."

Kayla Castellon, Movement Facilitator/Dance Artist

"I love Michelle. She is able to connect with others in a way only she can -whether or not they are an artist or have a creative background. I think it is because Michelle has led a very unique and courageous life and she shares this knowledge and personal experience in her coaching and desire to help others.

Michelle’s coaching includes so much of her research as a dance artist/healer and because her programs include meditation, movement prompts, and simple somatic practices, I am able to embody more awareness and a deeper sense of gratitude in my body. I can appreciate the places where I want to grow with less shame and more courage. I have greater faith in myself and that my needs will be met. I am so grateful for Michelle’s coaching, I was not even aware she was doing this! I took some of her dance workshops in the past and always felt great afterwards. So, I was eager to find a way to work with her."

K. Go - Filipinx Dance Artist & Community Engager, (Philosopher, and Linguist)

"Michelle fundamentally changed my attitude, my thinking, and my beliefs around pursuing my dreams and creating abundance. With her help, I finished a project I’d been working on for years, and I left my day job for a better one, a job that literally paid three times what I was making before. While I understand the worry about spending the money, the investment made me focus and prioritize myself much more than I would have otherwise. The cost more than paid for itself, and I honestly don’t think I would have made the changes without her."

Patrick B.

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$50 off the $297 cost of the 3-hour virtual retreat

Bonus #2

The Remove the Resistance recording from our December workshop (Value of $400)

Bonus #3

A meditation Video to recenter to your purpose, connect to your body and connect to your highest potential (Value of $100)

Bonus #4

A 45 Minute Integration and Q&A Session - More support and contact time to take care of anything that may be lingering or need balancing. (Value of $600)

Michelle Boulé

Michelle Boulé is a Transformational Life and Business Coach, Dance, and Healer with a unique methodology. Her work gives creative leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals all over the world the clarity they need to manifest their visions and align with their truth confidently. She offers online group programs, private coaching, speaking, and in-person retreats.

Using creativity, embodiment, humor, and play, Michelle brings a unique methodology to personal transformation that creates profound change. With over 25 years of practice in somatic therapies, energy medicine, mindset psychology, and spirituality, the heart of her work is LOVE.